Monday, September 10, 2018

"My experience was more than I could have hoped for! I appreciate that the program coordinator understood my specific goals for the preceptorship program and matched me with a site/mentor that fit my needs."

Rhonda H., CSU, Chico senior
Preceptorship in Med/Surg at Seneca District Hospital, Chester, CA

"My preceptors were amazing.  They taught me so much and made me feel like a nurse!"

Annalicia L., San Francisco State University senior
Preceptorship in Maternity at Adventist Health, Sonora, Sonora, CA

"The program really allowed me to find my confidence as a nurse.  It was the best experience I've ever had in the hospital and confirmed to me I was meant to be an ICU nurse."

Cristina M., San Jose State University senior
Preceptorship in ICU at Marshall Medical Center, Placerville, CA

"This experience was so great!  I will highly recommend it to future nurses and nurses coming back to the field.  The Coordinator is great-- she empowers the student and is very informative."

Heidi M., Butte College senior
Preceptorship in the Perioperative Unit at Adventist Health, Feather River, Paradise, CA

"More than any other clinical experience, the RCNP program has helped me to be much more competent and confident as a new nurse.  I will always value this preceptorship as one of my best learning experiences."

Stacey P, RN, New graduate
Preceptorship in Telemetry at Mercy San Juan Medical Center, Carmichael, CA

"This program has helped me understand what kind of nurse I strive to be, helped me to gain more self awareness of who I am, and how to communicate more effectively."

Shang V., CSU, Stanislaus, senior
Preceptorship in Medical-Surgical Unit at Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA

"This is an excellent program.  I highly recommend it to every nursing student.  I learned a lot in 4 weeks.  Now I feel confident and ready to be a good nurse in the future!"

Yan Z., San Jose State University senior
Preceptorship in ED at Fairchild Medical Center, Yreka, CA

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