Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Winter 2017 Participants Reflect on their Preceptorships

"The program is amazing and was a relatively easy process.  I feel like I've grown so much... By doing the preceptorship program I now know I am on the right track and that someday I will make a great OB nurse."
     Stacey S., Butte College Nursing Student
     Maternity Preceptorship, Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA

"The experience I gained with RCNP was invaluable, and it gave me a degree of confidence I didn't know I had."
      Alex T., San Jose State University Nursing Student
      Emergency Department Preceptorship, Sutter Amador Hospital, Jackson, CA

"As I reflect, it was really one of the toughest things I went through, but has allowed me to learn so much about myself and become a better nurse.  And as tough as it was, the more I reflect on my experience, the more I am thinking about pursuing a career in ED nursing!"
       X.Y, Sacramento City College Nursing Student
       Emergency Department Preceptorship, Fairchild Medical Center, Yreka, CA

"...as days went by, I slowly but surely noticed that I was more autonomous and confident in giving care, giving reports, programming Alaris pumps, and most importantly I was able to develop a stronger sense of empathy during my bedside nursing care."
        Gyuhwa L., Sonoma State University Nursing Student
        Medical/Surgical Preceptorship, Healdsburg District Hospital, Healdsburg, CA

"The RCNP program has made me feel significantly more confident in my nursing skills and preparedness as I move from student to RN.  It provided me with the opportunity to practice my many different skills and gain experience.  I am able to provide a much higher level of patient/family care now."
        Paul H., CSU, Chico Nursing Student
        Intensive Care Preceptorship, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

"To the RCNP program-- keep it up.  May you help more RNs and aspiring RNs in the future.  I already recommended the program to my RN friends."
        Ana C., RN Refresher Student
        Medical/Surgical Preceptorship, Rideout Regional Medical Center, Marysville, CA

"My preceptors were the most knowledgeable, kind, and experienced nurses I have ever worked with! I learned immensely and I am extremely grateful to have had these two preceptors and to have worked in Hollister!"
        Dulce S., San Jose State University Student
        Intensive Care Preceptorship, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Hollister, CA