Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Winter 2017 Participants Reflect on their Preceptorships

"The program is amazing and was a relatively easy process.  I feel like I've grown so much... By doing the preceptorship program I now know I am on the right track and that someday I will make a great OB nurse."
     Stacey S., Butte College Nursing Student
     Maternity Preceptorship, Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA

"The experience I gained with RCNP was invaluable, and it gave me a degree of confidence I didn't know I had."
      Alex T., San Jose State University Nursing Student
      Emergency Department Preceptorship, Sutter Amador Hospital, Jackson, CA

"As I reflect, it was really one of the toughest things I went through, but has allowed me to learn so much about myself and become a better nurse.  And as tough as it was, the more I reflect on my experience, the more I am thinking about pursuing a career in ED nursing!"
       X.Y, Sacramento City College Nursing Student
       Emergency Department Preceptorship, Fairchild Medical Center, Yreka, CA

"...as days went by, I slowly but surely noticed that I was more autonomous and confident in giving care, giving reports, programming Alaris pumps, and most importantly I was able to develop a stronger sense of empathy during my bedside nursing care."
        Gyuhwa L., Sonoma State University Nursing Student
        Medical/Surgical Preceptorship, Healdsburg District Hospital, Healdsburg, CA

"The RCNP program has made me feel significantly more confident in my nursing skills and preparedness as I move from student to RN.  It provided me with the opportunity to practice my many different skills and gain experience.  I am able to provide a much higher level of patient/family care now."
        Paul H., CSU, Chico Nursing Student
        Intensive Care Preceptorship, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA

"To the RCNP program-- keep it up.  May you help more RNs and aspiring RNs in the future.  I already recommended the program to my RN friends."
        Ana C., RN Refresher Student
        Medical/Surgical Preceptorship, Rideout Regional Medical Center, Marysville, CA

"My preceptors were the most knowledgeable, kind, and experienced nurses I have ever worked with! I learned immensely and I am extremely grateful to have had these two preceptors and to have worked in Hollister!"
        Dulce S., San Jose State University Student
        Intensive Care Preceptorship, Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Hollister, CA


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Summer 2016 Participants Speak About Their Preceptorships

"I would definitely recommend this program to future students.  It helped me take a big step towards becoming 'the nurse.'"
Alica K., San Jose State University Nursing Student
Preceptorship in ICU at Sutter Coast Hospital, Crescent City, CA

"I had such an amazing experience at UVMC. Mary and everyone in OB were kind and always encouraging me."
Jacqueline V., Sonoma State University Nursing Student
Preceptorship in Maternity at Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Ukiah, CA

"I got the warmest welcome at St. Elizabeth and truly felt like a part of the team!  Roxann was an excellent preceptor.  I feel more prepared for the future than ever before.
Jordan J., CSU, Chico Nursing Student
Preceptorship in ED at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, Red Bluff, CA

"Overall, I loved this program.  I started as a student and felt I ended ready to be a nurse.  I'm so encouraged to not only keep going, but finish this last year of school with confidence that I've made the right career choice."
Natalie W.,  CSU, Chico Nursing Student
Preceptorship in ED at Shasta Regional Medical Center, Redding, CA

"Now that I'm back home in Northern California and I'm reflecting back on my internship I can say that this experience has helped me become more confident in a hospital setting.  I am also braver than I thought."
Anastasia K., Butte College Nursing Student
Preceptorship in Med/Surg at Northern Inyo Hospital, Bishop, CA

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winter 2016 Participants Speak About Their Preceptorships

"The program was well organized and I was placed in the optimal location for my educational needs.  My preceptor was extremely busy but still made time to teach."
- Maria F. , RN; (Fremont Medical Center,Yuba City, CA; Labor & Delivery, )

"Marshall was very welcoming and the staff on the Telemetry Unit helped me grow and learn a lot.  It was an amazing experience, and I now know I want to work there one day."
- Natalie K. , CSU, Chico senior (Marshall Medical Center, Placerville, CA; Telemetry Unit, )

"This program is a great opportunity for nurses to get experience working as a real nurse. The medical-surgical unit was a great place to see a wide variety of patients. "
-Christopher S., RN, New graduate (Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital, Hollister, CA Med/Surg Unit)

"I had a wonderful experience with the RCNP and I feel much more competent and confident going into my last semester at Chico State."
- Katie C., CSU, Chico senior (Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA; ICU)

"I have encouraged many of my classmates and fellow students from other semesters to participate in this wonderful program.  I feel a lot better having this extra knowledge under my belt."
- Laura Z., Butte College senior (Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA; Neuro-Trauma, Surgical ICU)

"The coordinator is exceptional at prompt and helpful communication.  I felt supported and encouraged by the program, even with minimal face-to-face contact."
- Jason T., Sonoma State University, senior (Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Lakeport, CA; ED)

"This program  greatly boosted my confidence...I felt like I could actually handle being a nurse!"
- Jacklyn C., CSU, Chico senior (Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA; Maternity)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Forty-four Strong for Winter 2016

We have a great group of students ready to begin RCNP preceptorships this winter.  Students from San Jose State, Sonoma State, Chico State, and Butte Community College are counted among the participants.  In addition we have 12 registered nurses, some new graduates, who will be joining us as well.  We look forward to getting better acquainted with each of these brave souls.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Participants are Saying:

"Wonderful program! If I could do it every summer, I totally would.  The coordinator was awesome and very supportive..."
                     Erin M., New graduate RN (San Francisco State University)
                     Emergency Dept., Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA
"This program was amazing.  I would highly recommend it to any nursing student.  It allowed me to gain skill and knowledge outside of school and better prepared me for my job!"
                     Gaby P.  CSU, Chico senior
                     Med/Surg Unit, Tahoe Forest Hospital,Truckee, CA 

"I learned so much and feel so much more ready for my senior preceptorship.  I grew as a nurse and in my personal life as well."
                      Breanna M., San Jose State University senior
                      Maternity, Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Ukiah, CA 

"Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.  My nursing practice has improved exponentially due to the guidance I received...I am a different person leaving this program and cannot speak more highly of it."
                     Carly L. , CSU, Chico senior
                     Emergency Dept., Sutter Amador Hospital, Jackson, CA 

"Mercy Mt. Shasta is a really great place to work!  So much humanity and professionalism.  My preceptors were nothing but positive and supportive..."
                     Carrie D., RN Refresher student
                     Med/Surg Unit, Mercy Mt. Shasta Medical Center, Mt. Shasta, CA 

"I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in this great learning experience."
                    Joyce L., San Jose State University senior
                    Emergency Depart., Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Ukiah, CA




Monday, August 3, 2015

Not Accepting "Winter Session 2015/2016 Applications" for Fall 2015 Graduates

California's Board of Registered Nursing is experiencing unusually long delays in issuing Interim Permits to new graduate nurses. Until these delays are resolved we will not be able to accept applications for new graduate nurses for RCNP winter sessions. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer Participants 2015

There will be 55 students participating this summer.  They are as varied a group as I have ever had.  Half of the group are senior students from CSU, Chico.  The remainder come from a variety of nursing schools and backgrounds.  Among them are 5 nursing refresher students who are hoping to sharpen their acute care skills after having been out of the field for a significant amount of time.  Another student will be coming to us after graduating from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's School of Nursing.  I am looking forward to working with all of them!