Friday, October 17, 2014

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I have had the pleasure of working with nursing interns since I became coordinator and director of the RCNP program 16 years ago. Since its inception 42 years ago, the program has helped nursing students launch their careers with confidence and competency. Following are some comments from recent participants in Summer Session 2014.

Students are Saying
 “I absolutely loved being at FRH and my preceptor was the best nurse I have ever followed! The coordinator was kind and very helpful while placing me and preparing me for my preceptorship.”  
           Malea, Senior, CSU, Chico;  Intensive Care Unit, Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA
“Oroville Hospital was a great training facility.  The patients there really made me coordinate my time. My preceptor was a great teacher.  She always sought out new experiences for me and was always calm and collected.  My preceptorship was a great way to experience what it feels like to be a nurse!  It pushed me to the limits and forced me to think like a nurse.  It’s value is priceless. I feel more comfortable around all types of patients.”
           Susan, Senior, CSU, Chico; Medical/Surgical Unit, Oroville Hospital, Oroville, CA

“My preceptor expected a lot out of his students which is a great learning opportunity.  This is one of the best staff/units I’ve been on.  I expected to be wiped out from the 12-hour shifts, but the month I was there was extremely peaceful.  I had an amazing time being part of a rural community.  Thank  you!”  Leo, Senior, San Jose State University; Emergency Department
            Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Ukiah, CA

“The program was absolutely wonderful.  I loved how personal the Coordinator was throughout the entire process and how seamlessly the preceptorship went. The staff in the ICU welcomed me and made me feel at home.  My preceptors were incredible women with class and intelligence.  I would highly recommend this program to others.”
           Marissa, Senior, CSU, Chico; Intensive Care Unit, Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA

“I loved the staff at FMC.  My preceptor had a lot of ER experience which showed in her nursing and teaching.”
           Carly, Senior, CSU, Chico; Emergency Department, Fairchild Medical Center, Yreka, CA

“This was an excellent experience for me.  I couldn’t be more grateful to the program.  I loved every minute of it and I learned more than I thought possible.”
              Jill, New graduate,  Sonoma State University; Maternity Unit, Tahoe Forest Hospital,  
              Truckee, CA

“I am so grateful to have had the experience that I had.  I feel prepared and ready to excel as a nurse.  I learned more than I could have imagined.”
               Alex, Senior, CSU, Chico; Emergency Department, Rideout Memorial Hospital,  
               Marysville, CA

“I was overwhelmed by how nice and welcoming ALL of the staff was. My preceptor went above and beyond to make my time there so positive.  I wish we had the opportunity to work longer.  I wanted to stay all summer.”
            Jenna, Senior, CSU, Chico; Emergency Department, Tahoe Forest Hospital, Truckee, CA

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